April 8th, 2005

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i'm spying on you!

(English explanation here.)

[Edit 4/8/05 09:30 PDT: Well, looks like the meme got slashdotted into submission. See this entry for details.

One minor note. One of the Russians commenting in that thread said the following:

сударь, вы флэшмоббер!

I don't remember what сударь means, but I know вы is we, and флэшмоббер pronounces out, somewhat similiar to 'flashmobber'. (It's not perfect, but transliterations seldom are.) Flashmobbing indeed. :)

I need to go back to learning Russian one of these days.]
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doh, spoken too soon.

sometimes you speak too soon.

Macavity keeled back over. It might be (actually probably is) the system board. (Unless it's the I/O board, but I somewhat doubt that.)

Well, shit.

More later.
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