April 28th, 2005

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So. Formic acid comes from ants, because the latin word for ant is formica.

So does this mean that formic acid is an antacid? ;)


Other than that, things went very well. More later, when I've had some time to process and get my thoughts out.
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dreaming again

So there I was in Austin. I wasn't sure if it was *me*, or just a character whose head I happened to be occupying, but the point of the story is that I was in Austin, visiting friends (what friends is beyond me, since I was left alone for the most part), and we were going to go to a frat party of some sort on the University of Texas campus. Now, the UT of my dreams is probably nothing like the UT of real life, but that's the way these things work.

I got on the bus, and hidden in the seat, I found some cash and a personal check, neither made out to me or from me, but for some reason, I thought I might be able to cash anyway, so I stuck them all in a pocket. And then I started a conversation with the bus driver about the party, after he noticed I wasn't one of the normal ungrateful UT students he hauled around all the time, and he gave me directions to where I was going and a bit of scuttlebutt that first got me thinking about whether this was such a good party to go to. But I valiantly pressed on, and he called the stop, and a bunch of people got off. I sorta fell in with them because they knew their way around but even they got lost after a bit, and they weren't sure whether we had to cross the river or not. (I'm not sure there's a river in the real life Austin, but in my imaginary one, there was, called the Brazos -- which I think is a river in Texas, but probably not there.) Anyway, we get to the river, and one of the students notes how she used to hang out here all the time but now it was fenced off and the cops probably wouldn't let you down to the river bank anyway. The road ended soon after the bridge, and we all turned around, this time using the flyer to find where we were going.

We found it this time, and at first, the guy in charge had us open a suitcase to find out what sort of mayhem we had to commit to be eligible for the big prizes. And for a brief second I wondered if this was a Christian group having a raise on us to get us to think about matters such as being damned to hell, but it wasn't to be so. And the goal was to get through as many of these boxes (which were scattered around the area) doing everything they said inside of them. Some of them were easy, and some of them were really hard.

I just had the unfortunate one of "open yourself to the spirits" nearly right off the bat, and spent a good chunk of the party in a room with others recuperating, not wanting to say much of anything, when suddenly I realize that the spirits (which turned out to be some form of archangel, and I think this is where the IN influence sorta comes in, though it's so horribly off canon, I don't know why I mention it) and I have to stop the jokers who started the party before more harm comes to this place. And somehow I manage to pull it off, and scare the wits out of the ringleader...and then, before the plotlines could get all neatly tied up, I was woken by the phone. Damn

Sometimes I really wonder about my head.

[Edit: Oh yeah, and then there was the hotel on the road we were walking down trying to find the party that proudly posted its quiz result on a Jumbotron like screen outside of the establishment. I thought that was hilariously funny, but it probably means too much internet for me.]
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