June 15th, 2005

wistful, sell the world, snape

a day in which everything goes wrong.

Two things.

One, wtf is LJ smoking? I wake up this morning and my stylesheet's changed, and I can't get it to change back, and when I go to submit a support request, the submit button doesn't seem to be working? the fsck?

Two, I am this close to going over the edge *again* with my mother. Hasn't she friggen figured out yet that telling me "we need to get busy", especially when I'm trying to debug another problem or have just woken up recently, just makes me angry and less inclined to do the work she wants me to do?

I want just one day where there's no mom and no Jill around to bug me. One day in which I'm free to pursue whatever the hell I want without people interrupting my thought process. Just twenty-four hours. Is that too hard to ask?

*sigh* Around here it is.
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