July 2nd, 2005


o/~ lost in the dangling conversation o/~

First, a bit of meme, found as a scrap of bookmark in a book loaned from siliconshaman:

What would you like to do with me? Answer in a comment, and then post the question to your own LJ, to see what I and others want to do with you.

Second, a note. Today was bad. Very bad. And it wasn't even anything particularly bad. I'm just feeling tired and lonely and neglected and lost, which is somewhat of my usual state. Was rather disappointed by some people, and dealing with a bunch of stuff that I sorta did to myself, but does not make me any cheerier, and I was in a bad state. What's new?

Sometimes, I wonder if I've lost all the words.

More later, if I find them.
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    Joan Baez and Dar Williams - Dangling Conversation
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