July 9th, 2005

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doing things I've never done before.

So I'm sitting in somebody's (that somebody is chaoswolf, among others) living room in San Jose, hanging out on somebody's else's laptop while the owner plays scrabble, and I figured I'd do a quick update because I want to note that I've done something else I've never done before.

Today, I shot a gun. Just a Browning .22, I think, but it was the first time I had ever shot a gun. It was different. Once I got over the first shakes, and quit jumping six feet in the air every time the guy in the lane next to mine shot his gun, it wasn't half bad. I never managed to hit the bullseye on the target we had, but I did manage a couple shots in the black around it, and now I have some idea of how to handle a firearm and how it feels -- very important when you're trying to write realistic stories involving firearms. (I also got to shoot one shot out of a 9mm, I think. That was quite fun, although the kick was somewhat unexpected compared to the .22).

I have to scrap out an entire scene I wrote, but that's okay. Now I have to figure out some way of telling the story I want without invoking the device that I did. Oh well, rb2 was coming slow anyway and I was about to scrap it and rewrite again, so it's not the biggest of deals.

Part of me is pondering getting one, the other part of me knows that isn't the wisest of ideas, and a third part of me just wants to do it again. The problem, I suppose, is convincing somebody to go along with me.

But yeah, I had a blast, and ccon goes well, and I'm having a good time, and I don't want to go home. Thanks to flaim and funjon for organizing the trip, and jenkitty and ryoganox for being so patient with me while I was learning.

And I'm finally coming off the adrenalin high.

Yeah. It was definitely fun.
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