July 11th, 2005


I hate BART

So...i made the proper train out of castro valley only to get stuck behind a late richmond bound train,thus i watched my amtrak train come and leave while we waited for the late bart train to clear the fucking station. And because of that, i an stuck in the purgatory of the sacramento train station for the next four hours. The worst part? He we lived here, i'd be good by now. So, if you can spare a moment for this poor traveler stuck waiting, you can msg my phone from my info page.
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Made it to Redding.

Thanks to the folks that messaged me, it made my day.

Ccon happened, and I have stuff to say about that. If I can get a moment tomorrow, I'll post about it. Otherwise it'll have to wait until after I get back from Mt. Shasta (which will be next Sunday, I am a busy busy busy katster as of late.)
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