July 12th, 2005


the life and times of the extraordinarily busy katster

I want to write about so much. Ccon and the fundie god-in-a-box problem and processing crap and all sorts of crazy essays on the meaning of life the universe and everything, but I am quite busy at the moment, and tomorrow, I wander up to Mt. Shasta to meet relatives I've never met before, and won't be back until Sunday.

What am I to do?

More later, if I get half a chance.
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    none, I just figured out why my hard drive wasn't working
god i'm nuts, crazy, weird

ccon teaser, very fruity


Over the course of Ccon, I acquired this lemon. Now I need to make lemonade, but that is hard since I leave for Mt. Shasta tomorrow, and I'm not sure it'll be good when I get back.
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    Любэ - Конь(Live)