July 16th, 2005

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Jill's pretty sick, so we came home early.

Anyway, I have thirty postcards. zibblsnrt was promised one before the trip started; mrfnord needs more lenticular clouds in his life, or so I have decreed; geography makes mactavish hot (and she likes Mt. Shasta), so she gets one; and lirazel gets one for daring to transcribe my incoherent LJ phone post ramblings for y'all. ;)

Plus, kuangning, aris_tgd, and salinn spoke up when I made this deal on IRC.

So. I have twenty-three postcards left. They're all of Mt. Shasta, because that's where I spent my last week, and if you want one, I'll happily write something on it and mail it, or tuck it in an envelope and mail it. First come, first serve. Leave your address in comments and if you want it sent in an envelope, lemme know, or I'll assume you want my evil scrawl. ;) (I've got all comments screened, so don't worry about it showing up.

More in a bit.
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