September 19th, 2005

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football madness

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The game started out sucky, but got better when our QB settled down and realized that his team was there to help him. And our defense figured out how to play defense. It helps that our coaches are very good at halftime adjustments.

And Stanford somehow managed to lose to UC Davis, which made my sister's weekend (she's a UCD student) and sorta made me happy (hey, she's happy and it's a Stanford loss), even if this is rather embarrassing to the Pac-10 as a whole. (UCD is a sorta-kinda 1-AA program -- they're in transition from Division II -- and Stanford is a I-A program. If that all made no sense to you, well, Davis was David and Stanford was Goliath, and Davis managed to nail the nasal shot.) :)

Anyway, 3-0 with a trip to New Mexico State on Friday (the hell? Why are we playing college football on Friday?), and we've cracked the top 15 again (#13 in one poll, #14 in the other...quibbles as to where Michigan belongs being the deciding factor), and the schedule looks nice for the next few games before that showdown with UCLA, who just killed Oklahoma this weekend. Not that NMSU and Arizona are cakewalks, and AZ especially likes to jump up and bite us, but we're more on the lookout for giant killers right now than anything else.
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o/~ so much to do and so little time o/~

And these are notes to myself as to things I need to post in the next few days:

  • The full scoop on what's up moving-wise.
  • Some musings on the power of narrative.
  • Answering edg's questions.
  • Not a post, but I need to keep from strangling Mom and Jill over the course of the next week
  • Anything else people want me to yack about?

Seriously, answer that last question, or just say hi or something to let me know I haven't lost y'all in the last month of movin' hell! ;)

(I should also note that the icon on this post was done by miggy, who does awesome work.)
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