September 20th, 2005

pissed, angry

yay, surewest.

Today's hugely disappointing blow:

The local telephone company for Antelope does not offer an all-you-can-eat long distance plan to Canada. You know how disappointing this is?

Surewest sucks. I'm already saying that, without having even experienced the joys of their phone service. I never thought I'd say this, but I want SBC.
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oski, calbear, berkeley

ouch the price, but damn, so worth it.

Ticket Purchases

at Stanford (11/19/05)
Date: Saturday, November 19, 2005   Time: 4:00 pm


Price Type Level Section Row Seat(s) Qty Price Fee(s) Amount
Regular S L 76 12   1    63.00   3.00   63.00 
Delivery Selection: MAIL
Description: Tickets will be mailed 2 weeks before the first game purchased.

yee-haw, go bears. My first Big Game that I'll be present for where I am not a student. :) Now if I can just convince somebody down Berkeley way to give me crashspace Friday night, and it'll all be good.

(If I knew for sure I'd be getting the car for this trip, I'd offer to haul some of the current Rally folk over.)
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