October 11th, 2005


On from the library again

...but my time's about to run out for the day, and so I can't really say much. It really sucks only getting an hour a day of Internet, y'know? Maybe Surewest will get their acts together and figure out that we really can get DSL at the house. I'll be calling them when I go home.

But yeah, I may be another week or two without Internet, which really sucks, because I can't quite get the research I need done to write my paper, and testing is hard, and I can't really look for jobs, and even the computers are only half sure they'll let me use the java programs, so...

Yeah. It's a pretty miserable half-existence on here, but I've not forgotten you all. I just have no time to do anything fun after I finish my homework. An hour's pretty restrictive, but it's better than none at all, I suppose.

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Bumper sticker

The message made me laugh, but it's all too true. Warning: somewhat political.

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