October 30th, 2005

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bad depressive day

There are days that I sometimes wonder the following:

If I were to suddenly disappear off the face of the planet, would it be a net positive to humanity in general?

Today has been tracking perilously close to one of those days.

More later. If I feel I can even find the words.
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Story hour.

[23:14] Lüns: oooo... a cheez-it box! I always wanted a cheez-it box!
[23:14] katster: Hey, what's up?
[23:14] Lüns: (opening a box of cheez-its right now)
[23:14] katster: ooh, cheez-its.
[23:14] Lüns: and reminiscing as I do it :D
[23:14] * katster giggles a bit.
[23:14] Lüns: hehehe
[23:15] Lüns: you never did write that one up, did you? :P
[23:15] katster: nope.
[23:15] katster: not yet.

Alright. First, I've got to say that Luns is somebody I never expected to end up on my list of friends at all. But now that he is, I'm glad he's not only a friend, but a good friend. Because Luns comes up with some of the craziest ideas, or takes my random musings and runs with them, and...yeah. Very good friend. :) And this is all because he was crazy enough to offer me root. But that's a story for another time.

You see, Luns is the guy I've walked down the center of Telegraph with (in our defense, it was 3 AM), who I've sat tight with as a riot's gone on in the building we were in, who is the other charter member of the OCF Liberation and Acquisition Front (OLAF), who is the perpetrator of the counterclock, and most importantly to the conversation I just pasted in, did multiple goofiness with cheez-it boxes.

When I was an undergraduate, I wish I could remember which Christmas, but I think it was junior year. It might have been senior year, though. It's all starting to blur together. Anyway the point is, Luns gave me a Christmas gift. And instead of going out and spending money on wrapping paper or anything like that, he co-ops and builds a structure to hold the gift. Of course, he used cardboard from a Cheez-its box.

I was happy with the gift, but I was goofy about the wrapping, and said "A Cheez-its box! What I've always wanted!" or words to those effects. I was being my usual self, and I never expected the words to be remembered. Luns did.

So for the first birthday of mine we celebrated after I'd moved back to Berkeley for graduate school, he actually got me a cheez-its box. He didn't directly hand it to me, of course, that would be too pedestrian. Instead, he stuck the Cheez-its box in a box, and then put that box in a tree and waited for me to notice it. Of course, your humble correspondent can be Captain Oblivious at the worst of times, and I didn't at first. And when I got the outer box open (cowering behind Luns' jacket, because you never know what to expect out of a box in a tree...), I was rather puzzled. I like Cheez-its, mind you, but they make a rather odd birthday present. And there was definitely cheez-its in the box. I shook it.

So I didn't open the inner box.

We carried the cheez-its box around through Berkeley and Oakland, and out to dinner (hmm, I need to get Zachary's sometime soon, but 'tis mostly irrevelent). Finally, we ended up back at my apartment, playing with shiny new Macavity and trying to connect to somebody's wireless across the street, and Luns asks for some of my cheez-its. Confused, I hand him the box. He handed it back to me, explaining that these were my cheez-its and I needed to be the one to open the box.

There was a very good reason for this, as I discovered when I opened the box. You see, the sneak had carefully opened the box, stuck my birthday present in, and glued the box back shut. And while the gift was wonderful (a compact flash card reader for a laptop), I'll never forget the whole cheez-its box and Luns' careful disguise of my gift.

You can't ask for better friends, IMO.

[I should note, the icon on this post is "assume a spherical cow", and I ended up with it via Luns, so...]
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