December 19th, 2005


Sunset and the Crescent Moon

Sunset and the Crescent Moon
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This is a shot I took earlier this month when I was coming back to Sacramento from Redding. I stopped in Dunnigan for gas and happened to see this totally unblocked sunset with the crescent moon and Venus, and so I tried to take several shots. Of them all, this is the one that turned out the best. I love the colors. (It was bitterly cold, I think that helped.)

I'm thinking of ordering as large a picture as I can of this shot simply because I love the colors.

I want to get more into photography, I think. I've got some eye for a good picture, but I don't have very good equipment. Even just a standard sized tripod would be helpful.

But it'll have to wait until later. There's so many other things I want to pursue.