February 25th, 2006

wistful, sell the world, snape

katster and the terrible horrible no good very bad day...

I think I'll move to Australia.

Today was lousy, and there's sometimes problems that the situational depression will kick off a bout of the evil horrible depression beast. And I've been cruising for this anyway.

I don't know if I want to talk about it right now.

...because it's a lot of stupid niggly things, and if I could stop caring...

but I can't

I don't know, right now, but I've just got to get through the long dark night, and maybe it'll be better tomorrow.

But i have to do the dishes first -- and my mother nagged me twice about them in the span of five minutes.

I don't know.

it's a litany of things, that maybe if they're fixed, it might help. Some of it silly, all of it...


bad day. and I think my brain just realized it's February.

I'm spinning in circles here, so I'll just shut up and try to get my head on straight.

g'night LJ world.

it's been a bad day/ please don't take a picture/ it's been a bad day/ please


Things are a little better today, in that a night's sleep helped.

but other than that, enh.

Gotta get out of this house. Gotta actually find a job.

what the fuck am I so scared of that makes this so damned hard?
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