March 24th, 2006

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Green light go.

I have permission from my father to drive to San Jose on Saturday for a Markeroni gathering/E Clampus Vitus historical plaque dedication. This makes me go w00t. I don't know if I'll be able to do other things, it's looking more and more like this is a day trip as opposed to an all weekend thing, which is too bad, because there's folks I'd love to catch up with. (*waves to chaoswolf among others*) Of course, if my dad had just said yes or no to the question of borrowing the car last weekend, I might have had the ability to ask folks I know if they had crash space I could borrow for the night. But now that's it's Thursday night (technically Friday morning), there's not really much of a chance of achieving proper crash space now (and I'd feel real awkward asking), so day trip it is.

But other than that, it should be a fun weekend.

BTW, this week, I have decided I shall be an accountant. This is subject to change. (Slowly working on gaining what my business cards once said, that of being a 'geek of all trades'.) ;)

Tomorrow, I shall wash clothes and clean my room a bit more and return an overdue library book to the library and take mom shopping and find my logbook (since I plan to go snarfing on Saturday as I drive towards San Jose). Saturday, I'm debating wearing my loudest tie-dye T-shirt (of course, it's supposed to be raining, so that ruins a lot of the fun).

Other than that, what's new with y'all, LJ world?