May 13th, 2006

peppermint patty, surrounded by idiots

...I really *am* surrounded by idiots.

the plot sickens:

<retstak> ...
<retstak> and somebody else took over my fucking group name.
<William> If you want it back, is there a process for reclaiming it?
<retstak> well, I don't care. I'll take another if needed, but...
<retstak> it ticks me off that it got unclaimed because my partner dropped the class AND DIDN'T TELL ME.
<William> Partner dropped class? Middle of a group project? I can see the difficulties that would pose, indeed.
<retstak> yeah.
<retstak> well, it wouldn't be so much of a frickin difficulty if SHE'D BOTHERED TO TELL ME.
<retstak> because then I could have found another partner and/or group, and it would have all been good.
<retstak> but now I'm sitting here, with the due date on the project in 48 hours, and I'm just now finding out.

so hopefully the teacher emails me back sometime soon so we can get this straightened out. But damn, doesn't that top it all...
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