May 19th, 2006


party time and berkeley trip


Also, I'm going to Berkeley on Saturday to go to luns' graduation. I should be done by two and was going to wander around taking pictures of all the Berkeley buildings on the National Register of Historic Places. If anybody wants to join me, or suggest something else to do, I'm cool with that. (I'd normally spend the day hanging out with luns, but his folks are in town.)

Unfortunately, I think you need to be in the East Bay or SF for this to work, though -- I'm taking the train in, and public transportation to the South Bay is a bit harder than the East Bay or SF.
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Bush was asked why his approval ratings were so low:

Bush: People are unsettled. They don't look at the economy and say life is good. They know we're at war and I'm not surprised that people are unsettled because of war.

Gregory: But they're just not unsettled, sir. They disapprove of the job you're doing.

Bush: That's unsettled.

I don't really know what to make of this.

(Reading it more in context, he's deluded...)
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alien, toy story


I just had to share this icon.

Those of you who have seen my cellphone know this is the background of my phone. I can't email it off the phone, but now I have other ways to get things off the phone, mwahhah, and so it's now an LJ icon. %)
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