July 8th, 2006


ramble on...

I'm feeling a bit more human, but I'm just about to go to bed. I am going to the Bay Area for chaoswolf's 21st birthday. Reminder: get USB player from Jill. It isn't a roadtrip without blasting "Captain Kidd" as we pull out on the next great adventure.

Anyway, this week's been somewhat busy. On Tuesday, my family celebrated the fact that having legal explosives on the Fourth is kinda fun, and had the neighbor kids (with some help from Jill and I) set them off in the street. I still need to get the pictures from Jill and upload them to my Flickr account. Because she's got some pretty neat photos. But alas, cornering the kid and getting her to give them to me is sometimes an exercise in futility.

Speaking of the kid, she's got a new "special friend" since she doesn't want me to use the term boyfriend quite yet. His name is Ben, and he's about to enter his senior year of college, and we met him at a political thing. He's volunteering for the local Dem candidate that wants to unseat Lungren. (Yes, I have a guy who failed to defeat Grey Davis as my congressman. It sucks, actually.)

Um. I had a sleep study last night to rule out the possiblity of sleep apnea, and did not sleep well at all. I'm sorta curious about how the results are going to come out. If I have sleep apnea, I suspect it is a particularly mild case, as the technician did not come in and wake me up and put the breathing mask on me. But it really wasn't fair, because my stupid brain decided to conjure up a dream that the tech had come in to wake me up, and it turned out I still had hours left to go. So I didnae sleep very well. Hence, I'm curious about the results.

Failure to achieve REM sleep a good chunk of the time might contribute to fatigue too, but...hard to say how they might fix that.

Anyway, if anybody actually wants to catch me while I'm in the Bay Area tomorrow, I put my cellphone number in a locked post prior to this one. I also put my home phone number. I trust all of you know how not to abuse the privilege. :)

Um, yeah. Other than that, there's not much new to say. But since I have to get moving in the morning, bed for me!