July 23rd, 2006


hot hot hot!

hot hot hot!
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This isn't a surprise to people. It's pretty much hot *everywhere* in California. But the thing that drives me batty...it's nighttime! it's not supposed to be 87.6 degrees outside at one in the freaking morning. It's just *not* allowed.

I drove into downtown Sactown with my non-airconditioned car on Friday, and was nearly dead by the time I got back. I bought drinks nearly every time I got out of the car. (On the nifty side, I found a place that sells boba tea in Sactown. Even though it's not as good as the Berkeley boba, it's still sweet, sweet tapioca.)

Tomorrow, I get to go out to buy salad fixings, because my folks figure that'll do as a nice cool dinner.

And then I have to start pounding pavement on the job front. Anybody know any openings around Sactown for a somewhat geeky type who's got an advanced degree? (I'm still kicking myself that I didn't do the library stuff with SIMS, because I could then get a librarian job, and I think that's where I'd be the most happy. I mean, a job with books!)

Anyway, I should get myself to bed, I just wanted to share this shot of the clock with the outdoor temperature here at 1 AM.
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