August 2nd, 2006


A request...

So, dwhagar has been a very good and longtime friend of mine. And he knows that I know a lot of geeks. Thus, he was hoping I could use my network to find him a cable that he cannot acquire any other way but really needs.

He writes (the post is flocked, so I can't point you directly at it, but this is the important part):
...with some luck the opportunity came along to get (for free) an HPJornada 690 Handheld PC. It runs Windows CE v2.11, has full officecapabilities (as in Pocket Word, Access, Excel, and Outlook) however, Ihave no cable for it so I can't sync up Outlook and Word docs have tobe in either very old Word formats or RTF/TXT. I'm using the latter ofthose options. It has a keyboard... Specs Here, with image!

Anyway, he's looked for a cable, and he can't find anybody selling one, so if you either have one, or know somebody who would have one, we'd both be in your debt.

Thanks in advance for any possible help.
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Hmmm. I also appear to have two shiny new invites to Vox (wow, that was fast) and so if anybody wants them, go ahead and speak up. First come, first serve; free to good home.

(No, I still plan to use LJ for most of my day to day blogging. Silly Six Apart, though, having a way to crosspost between typepad blogs and Vox, but not between LJ and Vox -- otherwise, I'd mirror. That said, Vox isn't as good as LJ, but it's better than MySpace.)

a piece of trivia answered.

Oh yeah. For those curious, the book referred to in this post? Since zibblsnrt has entered a correct guess, I feel free to reveal the answer.

While I was with the Seattle folk first about it being about their nifty gyrating bridge, it turns out we're all wrong. It's a narrow strait in a harbor all the way on the other side of the continent, and about an explosion that was the largest detonation in human history until Hiroshima.


The book's about the Great Halifax Explosion. Now you see why I had to check it out. ;)
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