August 6th, 2006

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Road trip!

Okay, I've got a 13hr bus ride ahead of me tomorrow evening, and I want your opinions.

I'll have my laptop, but the battery on it is only good for a couple hours, and that won't kill a lot of time. I'll probably bring a couple books and my Gameboy, but the best way I've found, especially if I plan to sleep at all (and I'm going to need to, it's an overnight bus trip), is to put my headphones on my head and drown out everything around me. So. In this spirit, please give me recommendations for good travel tunes. I'll take all your suggestions (and bonus extra credit if you link them somewhere -- I have a lot of mp3s but not every single one) and try to assemble a mix CD to listen to on this trip.

(Yes. I'm going to Portland on a whim. Yay, adventure!)
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Home run! Home run!

So, every once in a while, I poke around the couple shelves of books the library is selling to raise money. It's mostly donated books on the shelves, and a lot of paperbacks. Occasionally, there's something interesting, and I'm the sort of person who finds books cool in general anyway.

So I'm browsing and I stumble across a book entitled Real Grass, Real Heroes by Dom DiMaggio. Dom is the brother of Joe, and had a decent baseball career in his own right playing in the same outfield as Ted Williams. In fact, the book is about that last fateful year of major league baseball before World War II came crashing down on the United States' head. I'm a baseball fan in general anyway, and it'd be interesting to see what Dom had to say about the game back then, so I buy it. Fifty cents.

I get it home and set it aside, meaning to get it cataloged into LibraryThing before I put it on my shelves. It sat next to my bed untouched for a few days, and then I pick it up to catalog it. Its ISBN doesn't match anything on Amazon, so I query the LoC on the title, and in checking to make sure my copy matched, I find a note handwritten in it.

"To Gene, Best Wishes. (signed) Dom DiMaggio"

Checking the signature against items verified signed by Dom on Ebay confirms that this is very probably his signature.

Holy freaking crap. %)
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Voice Post:

215K 1:03
“Hi, I'm still in the sacramento bus station, yaay!
Um, what happened is, jill got me here 15 minutes too late to buy my tickets for the 845 bus. So, I'm now on the 11:30 bus which means I will be in Portland at noon-30 not 9:30 like planned. Darnit..
That's okay, that's okay... I'm just tired.. and I'm lying here on the floor of the bus station....”

Transcribed by: luns