August 16th, 2006

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apples and bananas and some punctuation on the side.

A long time ago I did the warmfuzzy thread, because well, we can all use some warmfuzzies. My friendslist was a lot smaller in those days. So I'm going to split this up and try to post one of these a night. I plan to skip those who have duplicate journals which I have friended, and there might be a few others who are skipped, but this is pretty much every person I have friended.

I know most people I have friended either don't read much anymore or don't read me, so they may not see these. Ah well, that's life. And if they ever search for their name, maybe they'll find this.

Anyway, today's warm fuzzies go to the A and B usernames on my list, along with the two Haligonian weirdos that start their nicks with the underscore characters.

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Tomorrow, the crazy C's and daffy D's. (And maybe the exciting E's, since there's only five of them, but we'll see what the list looks like when I get the C's and D's done.)
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