August 17th, 2006

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coffee and donuts and...err, eggplant?

Another night. Let us begin. Collapse )

That does it for tonight's edition. Tomorrow is the fabulous F's and the glorious G's, and if I feel ambitious, the happening H's. (for planning purposes, it looks like the sets beyond that will be HI, J, (or IJ, if we get the H's in tomorrow), KL, MN...and we'll play it from there as to the end of the alphabet.)
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gunshot serenade

I'm having troubles sleeping.

At 11:30 this evening, we had *pop-pop-pop-pop-pop* *pop-pop-pop-pop-pop*.

And then, just now, we had *pop* *pop* *pop-pop-pop*.

They sound like gunshots, but where they're coming from is unknown. So not much we can *do*.

Scary, though.
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