September 17th, 2006

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So we were a missed extra point (on the part of Portland State) of repeating last week's score. There was no scoring after halftime, but both offense and defense got some reps, which I think was more important. Also, we cross the 100pt mark this season. And Marshawn Lynch had a *nice* 71-yard run for a touchdown. So Bears improve to 2-1, and we open our Pac-10 season next week against Arizona State at Memorial.

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I'm fiddling around on a moo.

Not knowing that $room has a special meaning, particularly when invoked by a wizard, I stupidly use it in a verb I'm writing to find the room number of something to send a player to.

This caused holy havoc with the @dig command, which I first noticed when I dug a room and found that it was the exact identical to a room I had been playing in all afternoon -- particularly in regards to said verb I was writing. And every time my verb was ran, the number that $room is supposed to point to, the generic room, was being changed to other rooms on the mud.

But...thankfully, I figured out how to fix it, so I'm better than I thought. :)
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