October 27th, 2006


Britney's hurt paw.

Britney's hurt paw.
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My poor puppydog. She's not allowed to go run after the ball and she's not allowed to walk to the mailbox and she has to be put on a leash to simply go out and do her business.

She injured it this morning chasing down a ball, and it bled most of the day. Also, she screamed in agony and snapped at me when I was trying to manipulate the paw to find where the pain was. If you know Britney, you'll know she's the sweetest dog in the world. We've trusted her around a two year old simply because she doesn't snap at people.

The vet said she managed to tear her claw, but the claw in question is nowhere near loose enough to come out yet. The vet said pulling on it would just overly traumatize poor Britney, so they put some antibiotic powder on the would to keep it clean and wrapped it in the bandage you see. Then we wait for the claw to get loose enough to be removed.

It's hard on her people to watch this, too, because she's hurt, and she limps, and it's obvious she's in pain. So we'll just let her lie on the floor with her bone and her gingerbread man, and not force her to do much of anything.

Poor pup.