November 13th, 2006


can't sleep. :(

my brain is pastede on yay.

Well, more to the point, it won't shut off.

I crossed the 25k mark on Nano today, which makes me feel that the large portion of this week I lost to illness is now made up for, plus I gained my slack days back.

Am musing on a post about my presentation of gender.

Plus now the damned Nano story has gotten to the point I see places where the story is going, and it *annoys* me. Because this thing seems to be approaching Robert Jordanesque levels of wordcount, if not intricacy. That's a bad thing. I'm going to blow past 50k and *still* not have the twins back in Nithmoral, let alone tell the major story I wanted to tell. Plus, the more and more this goes, the more and more I see that the story that *interested* me and made me pick this as my Nano project is off in Part 2, which will probably not even get wrote this year. :(

Speaking of the illness, other than not being able to hear conversation (I have to keep asking people to repeat themselves, and it annoys me. I can't handle being suddenly mostly deaf) and a bit of a cough, I'm feeling much better than I was. I managed to finally cajole my doc into a Wednesday appointment, so I have happy kill bacteria dead pills.

Other than that, things are going rather well. I have to sorta hope that the meds are shortcircuiting what might be a possible upswing. Not that upswings are bad, per se, but I eventually pay for them. And that, my friends, is the part I dread.

What's new with all of you out in LJ land?