December 21st, 2006


I can't believe I'm about to ask this...

Allright. All y'all anime fanboys (yeah, yeah, I know, you're otaku. Deal.) can be of useful help for once. ;) [Also, for the record, I am using fanboys in its generic 'human being who is a fan' sense, so the females of the species can answer the question as well.]

So, if there were theoretically to be a human on the planet who has had very little exposure to anime and wanted to get some idea of what might be interesting and fun to watch without getting in too deep right away, what would you suggest? (I've seen a few eps of Ranma, which was okay, and bits and pieces of a few Miyazaki movies -- sitting down and watching Spirited Away and Castle in the Sky from beginning to end is one of the things on my todo over the next week.)

Those of you who know my tastes (you know who you are) are doubly encouraged to respond.

[And yes, I'm aware of just how much there is in the world that fen geek out to that I simply have no effing clue about. I'm a latecomer to this fandom thing, okay? My folks are 'danes for heaven's sake.]
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