April 15th, 2007


more boring musings on the nature of the world.

Bad: Commuting to con. It was 3:55 when I left the hotel in the car, and 4:20 when I pulled up at my house. Bleh. And I've got to be out of here by 9:15 tomorrow, so not much sleep for the wicked, y'know?

Good: Spending several hours hanging out with macklinr and his friends, which included the con's guest of honor. Also, now being in possession of a signed copy of both GURPS Infinite Worlds and GURPS WWII Weird War. (I'd have handed him my copies of AE and AE2, but they've been *ahem* well-loved.)

One more day. And given that it's now five AM, and I have to be up in less than four hours, I should *really* consider bed.

Yes, I'm having a good time.
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God knows I am not and never will be a Dodgers fan...

But even I have to agree that the Dodgers (and Branch Rickey especially) did something right sixty years ago in sending Jackie Robinson out to play first base. A lot is made about integration in the armed forces leading to the civil rights movement, but I think there's a bit to be said about integration in America's pastime helping that along. (I also have to give a nod to the Dodgers' farm team in Montreal, for loudly accepting Jackie Robinson the year before, which helped pave the way.)

Fittingly, the only number retired by all major-league baseball teams is 42, Jackie Robinson's number. It is right and fitting that he wore the number which is the answer. :)

[Hat tip to slacktivist, which reminded me.]
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