May 14th, 2007


of old English teachers and mactavish's dogs. :)

So, I was back in my old junior high school. I don't know why I originally was there, but nonetheless, I was hanging around the office. And the principal, who was my eight grade language arts teacher was now the principal, and we were trying to talk, but there was too much noise in the office. So she asked me if I'd come down to the cafeteria because she was hungry. So we did, and I found a couple desserts I wanted to try. One of the people in charge of the place was the mother of my kid sister's best friend, and said best friend's little sister, whom we'll call Kerry (which is not her real name), was taking the money.

We couldn't figure out what to charge me for the dessert, so we called her mother over. And mom is all, can't you figure it out from the sign? I guess it was by weight. So Kerry and I hemmed and hawed, and finally she said, "Well, it's probably this much." And I didn't have enough money, so I start throwing books and information, and finally she says, "I can't take books, but that information is more than worth it." And she offers me a lift home. Since the principal has abandoned me to the cruel winds of the cafeteria, I agree.

We're driving home. And by home, I mean Anderson, to the first house I remember living in. (They lived down the street.) And as we pass the corner of Stingy and North St, i'm surprised that (a) there's a park there, (b) there were a lot of dogs running around, and (c) one of them appeared to be Zoe, and mactavish (I didn't think to look for deyo, but he seemed to be a non-entity in the dream) was nowhere in sight. So I tell my friend to pull over, I've got to rescue some dogs. It turns out that where I think I saw Zoe, I actually find DJ. And somehow, don't ask me how, I get her corralled and stuffed into the back seat of my friend's car, and then turn back to find Zoe, but she's nowhere to be found. To my surprise, one of the dogs DJ was playing with was my dog, Britney, so I haul her over to the car too. Sadly, I fail to find Zoe.

Well, I've at least got DJ, and mactavish must be worried sick, so I call her, and sure enough, DJ is missing and I tell her that I've got DJ, and we'll be taking her home any moment now. I try to ask her if Zoe's missing too, but I don't get a really good answer, and if I can bring back at least one of her dogs, then it'll help. mactavish did ask where the park was, and try to explain, and she hadn't heard of it, and I said that I thought it was new, because I didn't remember it being there either. When I get back in the car, I reach back to comfort DJ, and she licks my hand.

Somehow, Anderson's in the Bay Area, and we're still in the same car, but somehow, instead of being Kerry's, it's Mom's, and we're trying to figure out how to get DJ home, and Mom decides that driving on the BART tracks is a good idea. I'm trying to discourage her, and finally, I say, "Mom, BART is all fenced where mactavish lives, and it's in the air! You can't get off the rails there!" So she decides to drive on actual roads, and we have to go through the MacArthur Maze, which is all melted, which makes it hard to get to mactavish's place.

And then I woke up, so I'm not sure if Zoe was still missing, but even though I didn't get to that part, I'm sure mactavish was happy to get DJ back.

But, damn, my brain thinks up some pretty weird stuff.