May 29th, 2007

lighthouse, beacon, light in the darkness

adventures in dogsitting

I figured mactavish would be happy to hear this one. I was given a thorough bath by DJ this morning -- face, hands, and forearms -- and as a bonus, she let me give her a bit of a belly rub. I think things are going to be okay.

Longer Baycon post forthcoming.

Baycon blast.

At Baycon, ribbons are currency. It's one of the first things I figured out, actually, as I wandered around the con watching people dragging these huge strings of ribbons that people had given them for various reasons. And over the course of the con, as you can see from the picture on the right, I managed to acquire ten, and surprisingly, they were all in a color scheme of greens and grays, other than the burgundy ribbon at the top, and the blue-green (and it still sorta counts) one midway down. That was completely accidental. Completely. Really.

Anyway, the badge and the first two ribbons were given to me at registration. (The first ribbon, which is unreadable in the photo, reads "25th Anniversary Celebrant", and the one underneath it reads "Without You We're Nothing". I pinned the button to the first ribbon on a lark, and actually got a couple comments on it. (It reads "I'd rather be interacting with abstract presences online.")

The rest of them were either given to me by friends or they were earned at various panels. Down the line, the first is Minion of Doug, because I pushed gridlore around. He needed to be pushed around; he found himself stuck in a wheelchair temporarily for the course of the con. Doug's a friend, so I don't mind helping him out, but it was cool to get a ribbon out of it too.

Tea Snob was given to me by flower_cat. She also let me look at her tea catalog, and I should find out what it was so I can go look online, 'cause there were some neat tea flavors in there.

"Iron Poet" and "101 Exactly" were earned on panels. The #spork folks who saw me moaning about how the hell did frown and stone rhyme? Apparently, they do in Shelley's accent, as the words were taken from Ozymandias. (The challenge? To compose a sonnet in 24 hours given the end words. I did it, but it wasn't that great.) "101 Exactly" was another writing challenge. Tell a story in a hundred and one words. Exactly. It's a *lot* harder than it looks.

I bid on a couple things in the art auction (and actually won them, whoa), so I earned a Patron of the Arts ribbon. That's the blue-green ribbon.

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