June 5th, 2007

thugs, politics

political divide

You know, it's scary to go to a town hall meeting and realizing that your Congressman, a Republican, is less rabid than several people in the room. There were a few occasions when Rep. Lungren was booed because some of the really rabid people wanted nothing less than to throw all the illegals (read: Mexicans) over the border right now. And the guy that suggested we tattoo illegal immigrants? Oy Jesu, way to completely forget about the historical perspective. Next thing you know, that guy will want to throw them in concentration camps -- if he doesn't already.

And wow, Lungren was a smarmy ass at times. I don't care what side of the political divide you come out on, there are things that you just don't do. And attempting to drown out people trying to ask questions is one of those things that is just not cool. Lungren could have shut it down in an instant -- all he had to say is that you didn't have to agree, but you did have to be polite and listen -- but no, if it was something he'd rather not hear either...

And a couple guys brought up the Internet radio royalty problem, and Lungren said he wouldn't commit to helping the little guys out. Wow, way to show your support of people in your district. And while I *gasp* actually agree with Lungren on earmarks (and that we shouldn't allow them), I was a bit dismayed by his hypocritical "well, I don't like them, but other people do them so I will too" stand.

Not that I expected anything better from the carpetbagger.

Afterwards, Jill, Ben, and I went to Coldstone and then to Denny's and had several hours of conversation. (Ben is a good friend of Jill's. She *really* likes him, and I think he likes her too.) So all in all, despite the politics, it was a nice evening.

[and hehe, my spellchecker suggests Gangrenous for Lungren. That's funny.]