June 14th, 2007


test post

Since it appears my text message from Philly didn't get through, I'm making a test post with my email...

[Buh? Go figure. ...unless...]

Voice Post

217K 1:08
“Hi I am in Allentown, & it is safely in Pennsylvania. But crap is happening. My internet access is sparatic at best, as the hotel we have been booked into does not have wi-fi. It is not apart of the 21st century. Anyway that means that my internet access I am no where to be found practically, other than a few bits & pieces I get here & there. So if you have a pressing & you need to get a hold of me you will have to call or text me. I will have the phone on. I am in Pennsylvania obviously so I am on eastern time. So go ahead & call or text me. I am always up for a few interesting divirsions. Remember I am stuck with my family here. And if you are Cal or see Cal or any of that please have him call me, because I need talk to him. But I don't want to bug him, if he is at he's sitting at his bar or sleeping. So if you see Cal please yell at him to call me. That's about it. Amuse yourselves at will. I would appreciate it if you would amuse yourselves at me. Chat at you all later. Bye.”

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