July 12th, 2007


Westercon, Day 2 (part the first)

Previously at Westercon...

After a night in which I tossed and turned on the floor, trying to find the most comfortable position for sleeping, I poked my head up and looked blearily at my cellphone. It was just about time for the alarm to go off, so I got up, put on clean clothes, and tried to get my frizzy hair to stay down. (This is why I rarely shower just before bed. Going to bed with a wet head means unruly hair in the morning.) Finally, got myself together and presented myself out in the main room of the gofer hole, where I was put on shift as a on-call gofer until my first stint of sitting in front of doors happened. I had about three hours to kill. Ernie was putting the final touches on his gofer spreadsheet to track our hours. Chaos and Steven were in the middle of a game of Space Munchkin. I pulled a granola bar out of my bag, nibbled on it, and watched Chaos and Steven play while waiting for a call.Collapse )

And there is more to tell about what happened on Day Two, but needless to say, I am tired, and need to be up in the morning, so I will put this away and continue the tale tomorrow. I know there's a lot here, but a lot happened, and I want to try to remember it all.