September 11th, 2007


Looks like .... ME!

Stolen from mactavish, although I added the response comments:

What Katrina looks like according to google:

Katrina looks like a 6 week fetus? (Umm, I was once, but I'm not now.)
Katrina looks like bad news. (That's me. Bad news.)
Katrina looks like a brush clearing vehicle going down the street. (Okay, let's keep the insults down to a minimum.)
Katrina looks like a nightmare. (That's right, baby. I'm the one your momma warned you about.)
Katrina looks like everyone wants to cut Amy some slack. (Then cut Amy some slack. Do I look like I'm in charge of the universe here?)
Katrina looks like she's fighting. (That's me, the fighting Katrina.)
Katrina looks like me. (And what do you look like? Maybe I should ask Google.) know, it's really fun to try this after there's been a really major hurricane that shares a name with you... ;)

How about Kat? what does Kat look like?

Kat looks like one bad motor scooter. (Uh, thanks, I think.)
Kat looks like a normal person. (Ah, this is why I got the "Disguised like a Mundane" ribbon at Westercon.)
Kat looks like a brown box. (Oh no, you've got it all wrong. I'm actually a black box.)
Kat looks like quite an able guitar player. (You haven't heard me play the guitar.)
Kat looks like sh*t. (It was a bad day, okay?)
Kat looks like a lit up christmas tree in that ugly golden "dress". (And this, folks, is why I do not wear dresses.)
Kat looks like donatella versace. (Uh, who?)
Kat looks like she is coping. (Good to see that it's obvious)
I finally figured out who Kat looks like to me. (Do tell?)
Kat looks like a native american princess. (Well, I am part native american, but I don't think I'm a princess...)