September 28th, 2007


My sister can be so wrong.

I'm working on layouts for my InDesign class. And so I'm talking to my sister about the product label one, and the following conversation ensued.

me: "Do you think it would be okay to put the slogan 'A Party in Your Mouth' on the product label?"

Jill: "Sure." (pause) "Unless it's a condom label."

I rest my case.
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a giggle and a request.

Today's giggle:

the airport code for Sioux City, Iowa is SUX.

Okay, I thought it was funny.

In other news, I'm really having some trouble dealing with life these days. It might simply be midterm stress, and it might be the depression beast's attempts at my head, and who knows, it might be something else entirely. It's hard to say. But for the next couple weeks or so, I could probably use people poking me and reminding me that it's not so bad. I hate asking, because it's kinda silly, but...

Better to ask than to get all frustrated because nobody's noticing.

Yeah. That's about it.
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