September 29th, 2007

oski, calbear, berkeley

What. A. Game!

from IRC:

[16:01] katster :22. Oregon is first and goal on the five.
[16:04] katster fumble in the endzone, ruling is *touchback*, under review.
[16:04] katster if it stands, Cal wins.
[16:07] katster if you recall that late hit in the first half? Same defensive guy stripped it.
[16:07] * DreFK is now known as Dreol
[16:07] katster RULING STANDS!
[16:07] LonEagle yay power plants
[16:07] katster CAL WINS! CAL WINS!

I don't believe I've ever shed tears at a Cal victory before. An Oregon receiver caught the ball, made a move towards the endzone, and fumbled the ball into the endzone. And in one moment, we win from Oregon forcing OT with a touchdown to a Cal victory.

We won. And with Oklahoma and West Virginia going back, I suspect we'll be at #4, with a game between #2 and #3 next week.

But we won. We took a hard game, and persevered. We won for the first time in twenty years at Autzen.

We won.
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