January 4th, 2008


storm watch.

Good morning from Sacramento, California!

We have rain, heavy at times, and a sustained windspeed of 30-40 mph with gusts to 65. It's pretty intense out there; I know because I had to step out in it and clear the storm drain out in front of the house.

They weren't lying about this storm. Batten down the hatches!

storm watch

[10:10] kjatster wow, that was just amazingly unpleasant.
[10:10] * kjatster stepped outside. In the rain. And the 41mph (66 kph) wind.
[10:12] kjatster with the occasional 56mph (90 kph) gust.
[10:12] Shadur That's horizontal or thereabouts, isn't it?
[10:12] kjatster Pretty close.
[10:13] * kjatster was clearing the drain, to keep the street from flooding as best I can.
[10:13] kjatster but when some of those gusts happened, it was just simply a matter of staying as close to the ground as possible and bracing.

Luckily, other than minor blinks, we've not lost power. We're about to lose the canopy awning and the willow tree in the backyard if this keeps up, though. And in my travels, I found a bucket that had been blown around -- it's now safely stashed in the garage.

And it sounds worse now than when I was out in it. Ugh, what a day!

Voice Post

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“Howdy we're still on storm watch. As you could probably guess of course we're sitting here now. The power went out about a bit before noon and it is nearly 7:00 now and we've still don't have power. So that's why I'm not around if anybody is wondered but everything is ok here we survived with surprisingly little damage although the streets around are rather interesting I must say. And that's about it. I'll sign back on when the power comes back and I can get back on the laptop. I'll talk to you all later. Bye.”

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