June 26th, 2009


the cleanapolypse

So my folks and my sister and my sister’s Brownie troop have headed up the hill to go camping at Little Grass Valley for the weekend. This leaves me here to dig out the room.

[info]zibblsnrt referred to this process as “The Cleanapolypse”, and I like that so much that I’m stealing it.

If you don’t hear from me by Monday, send the search teams in.

[Edit: Also, the mystery of my $16.39 payment to Baycon has been solved. It's approximately what a fifteen dollar shirt would be with the 9.25% sales tax in San Jose added on. So, it was my payment for my staff shirt that I got to buy because I was a busy busy gopher. This is totally unrelated, but it makes me feel better.]

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a rare time I actually use my amateur radio license

So, one of those little known facts about me is that I hold one of those amateur radio license thingies. I rarely use the things, but occasionally, it comes in handy.

You see, I’m sitting at home not just to clean my room, but to also be the emergency contact between my sister’s Brownie troop and the various Brownie parents. Of course, Little Grass Valley is way the heck up in the woods, where the wonders of modern communications devices fail to work.

But a good old fashioned amateur radio and two folks with licenses (that would be my dad and me) and we have a secondary channel of communication that doesn’t involve somebody driving into La Porte, which is about the edge of cellphone signal land.

Of course, I don’t plan to have the thing on all the time — there’s only so much battery power, after all. But it’s still kinda nifty.

[No, I'm not procrastinating; I'm out here because I just finished the 1 PM call.]

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