July 27th, 2009


A couple thoughts

(1) I’ve neglected my blog again. Sorry about that — I’ll endeavor to do better.

(2) If you are waiting on a response from me and have wrote me within the last week, I’m getting to it. It’s been a busy weekend, but the next two ought to be relatively calm as the folks won’t be here.

Anyway, the point of the matter — in the last week, I’ll get to you shortly. Anything before that, you might want to poke me.

(3) I really hate waiting for checks to clear. It’s annoying to have to remember that there’s money that’s been accounted for that still happens to be in the bank account and thus, I cannot spend that. Hopefully, now that Worldcon looms, those checks will finally get cashed. I don’t know *how* people managed in the time before online banking and debit cards. ;)

Anyway, that’s it. I’ll hopefully have interesting and erudite things to keep all five readers of my blog happy. *grin*

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do not stick in ear

So I’m at work, and I’m reading up on how to write a functional specification, which seems to be my next task. Now, I’ve never written one of these before, so the Google is my friend.

I stumbled across Joe Spolsky’s blog in my search for how to write one of these, and in reading the sample functional spec he provides, I found:

(Your results may vary. We are not responsible for delays in transmission or on your computer which could cause the actual time to be a bit later than the time displayed. This service is provided as-is and is merely for entertainment purposes, not for accurate time-keeping. Do not stick WhatTimeIsIt.com in your ear or use it to clean your ear.)

I spent several minutes in my cube just giggling madly at the thought of using a web interface to clean your ear. Of course, this is work, and there’s nobody to share with, so I am sharing with the Internets.

EDIT: Later, in the same document:

The exact wording of this email is still being debated hotly by the board of directors and will be provided sometime before shipping. [ Developers: for now I suggest using a nasty word. That will light a fire under Chucks' seat. ]

So funny, and yet, so true.

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