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[PocketLJ] So here i am in class...

[Edit...this is the post that got ate by the Internet last night, so have fun.]

Pardon the typos, I'm learning to type on a smaller than normal keyboard for my palm. I may try to get a bigger keyboard, but for now, this will have to do. Anyway, I'm sitting in my software design class (IS 255) and trying to pay attention to both the lecture and the clock.

The reason I'm paying attention to the clock is pretty simple. Giants tickets go on sale at ten this morning. I *want* to go to a playoff game in PacBell. So I'm going to sneak out of class to get tickets. So, yeah. Impatience is.

Anyway, it was a pretty good weekend, all things considered. First, I showed up at the University of California map sale. I met mactavish there, and a lot of other folks whose LJnames I don't recall. Then, we went to a cafe and had lunch. After that, I went home for a little bit, then over to San Francisco via Rockridge.

At Rockridge BART, I got the best signal I've ever gotten on my cellphone (whoops! need to turn that off, Professor Hearst says she gets to answer any phone calls that come in during classtime.) I got out at Embaracadero, wandered over to the Ferry Terminal, and met dafydd there. Soon, gdmusumeci joined us, and it was off to attempt to walk SF from bay to sea.

I had thought, when gdmusumeci asked me if I'd like to come along, that we'd be walking along the Bay to the sea, but they decided that we'd do it by walking straight up California Street.

For those who aren't familiar with San Fransisco geography, California St runs up Nob Hill, one of the steepest hills in SF. It's a mess to climb, because it's got a decent grade on it. (There are hills in which the roads are so steep the sidewalks are stairs, though, and this was sidewalk...)

After that, we wandered down to Divisadero St (where the best RPG store in San Francisco is located), and then up Haight St to Golden Gate Park.

We managed to stumble about a third of the way through Golden Gate Park before Kat had to give up. So we boarded an N Judah train, and headed for Berkeley, where we went to Triple Rock Brewery, which is simply not bad, even for somebody that doesn't drink booze.

My shins and calves still hurt from that adventure as I type this.

Sunday was a quiet day. When faced with homework, I didn't want to do it, so I talked to Patrick instead. (Well, we talk on Sundays usually anyway...) I also discovered the reason folks with bipolar disorder need a good support system around them...

You see, I've been using phrases like 'Graduate school is intense' and 'I feel overwhelmed.' At that point, I need to stop and see where my head is. In our phone convo, Patrick says, "You're depressed." I sorta laughed. "Not really," I said. He starts listing out reasons why he thought so, and I'll be damned, he's right. And here, I thought this was just the way grad students felt. So I'm trying to fight that off.

Anyway, it's almost 10, so I'm going to sign off now.

[Update 10:45 AM: NLCS Game 4, Sunday, 10/13/02, 4:30 PM PDT, Section B139, Row 13, Seat 22. Yes, I got a SEAT!]

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