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i hate my brain

I had a very nice dream about the Giants getting to the series, and goofing off on the Cal ballfield about playing Jeff Kent, who is my favorite Giant, when I got told his wife wanted me. So I walk up, and she's with a lot of the team, and the guys are still in their uniforms. I introduced myself, and apologized for what we'd been doing, and she said, "Well, I mainly wanted you to meet who's over there." ...and I'll be damned, it's Jeff.

It's at this point I realize the Cal ballfield is at my aunt's house, but I look up (in the stiff breeze) and see the goodyear blimp spinning over and over and over again. Point this out to her, she says, "I don't want to see what one of those hitting the ground is like." and sure enough the damned thing smashes into the ground, catching everything on fire (except for my aunt's house of course, although a few things tried to catch fire.) And the power's out, so people can't get stuff out of the oven. And it was about this point when a 51 rumbling by on College Ave. woke me for the morning.

I hate my brain and these nightmares its been coming up with lately.

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