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stream of consciousness rambling.

Warming up my fingers for the attack on my paper.

It's dawned on me this could have been a much better paper had I stuck to the idea of the "meta-archive" and talked exclusively about Google. But the idea to use Google came rather late in the process, even though it will probably be the longest section of the paper (if it's a good third, I'll be happy, because I have a lot to say about it)...

...and hang on, winamp's dying and I need to reboot. BRB...

..and we're back. That's one feature I love about semagic, the ability to save drafts, so I can talk over a reboot without losing what I was saying.

I really don't want to write this paper. Really, really do not.

Hafta, though.

And it's 3 AM, and I'm tired, even though I slept, and the alarm's about to go off any minute now, and I've been awake since 11:30 PM...which is all the more reason to concentrate on the paper, get the damned thing over, and then just sleep a while. But I'm still not able to focus enough to do it, which really sucks.

And I'm pondering the fact that love bites, but it's better than the alternative. (Thanks, tanesmuti for getting me stuck on this tangent...) ;)

I wish I could figure out an easy way of getting together five hundred dollars, because I really need to see him again, to gaze into his eyes, to be held in his embrace. I miss him. And winamp has a way of finding the songs that will tug at my heartstrings and bang at the door and miss him. And yeah, I'm off on this tangent because of the shiny new relationship between friends and my nearly ten month old relationship with the man I'm deeply, madly and truly in love with...and this is where I think God had to have had a perverse sense of humour, putting two people so meant for each other on either side of a fscking continent.

joy and sorrow, joy and sorrow.

and if you read that all the way through, I commend you.

*waves to zibblsnrt, whom she knows did read through, and knows he's feeling the same way, and then hugs him*

anyway, paper time.

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