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fun with multiple intelligences...

Multiple Intelligence Inventory

Linguistic Linguistic=42
Mathematics Mathematics=34
Visual/Spatial Visual/Spatial=31
Body/Kinesthetic Body/Kinesthetic=29
Naturalistic Naturalistic=29
Music Music=34
Interpersonal Interpersonal=33
Intrapersonal Intrapersonal=37

So...gee, who's surprised? I'm an introvert by trade, and a history geek in a past life... :) I'd like to go into academia, but there are times I'm not sure they'd have me. Those are the two that stand out.

The math and music...well, there are times I'm more than now, music would have prolly been more if I was more coordinated. My attempt to learn guitar ended with me giving myself RSI in my left wrist, and if it came down to a choice between typing and guitar...well, that's not a choice, and I made it. (I should get a wrist brace and see if it helps, though. (However, I'm completely and utterly tone deaf, and will happily play the guitar when it's horriby out of tune, which makes my more musically inclined sister grab her ears and scream in frustration.)

There are moments where I manage to geek out on java code, I can be quite the techy when I'm in certain moods...hey, there's an idea, come back to this and see how it changes depending on my mood. Right now I'm in a not quite depressed not quite manic mood, but definitely not a stable mood.

But yeah, seriously, did this really surprise anyone?

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