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Scores are out of an average of 7.0
Legislative: 5.2:High Middle
Executive: 3.2:Low
Judicial: 4.5:Low Middle

Legislative Style
Legislative people like to do things their own way. They like creating, formulating, and having things. In general, they tend to be people who like to make their own rules.

not so much make my own rules, but to feel flexible to bend the ones that are there for the purpose of getting things done. But I like to create, I like to think outside the box, and I like to mess with people's heads in non-harmful ways. More on that later

Legislative people enjoy doing things the way they do them. They prefer problems that are not prestructured for them, but rather that they can structure for themselves.

I'm always challenged by being given a task that I have to break up into smaller pieces, but where those pieces are non-obvious. I tend to work in a chaotic style that scares people at times, but again, more on that later. I hate lots of structure. Yet I was good at math. Go figure. :)

Legislative people also prefer creative and constructive planning-based activities, such as writing papers, design projects, and creating new business or educational systems.

Yeah! Lemme plan! Lemme write! Lemme give you all sorts of great ideas! Lemme bring something *new* into the world! ...err, sorry, got carried away there, but yeah, that's me. :)

Monarchic: 3.1:Low
Hierarchic: 3.6:Low
Oligarchic: 6.2:Very High
Anarchic: 6.1:Very High

Oligarchic Style

In oligarchy, several individuals share power. Individuals with the oligarchic style tend to be motivated by several, often competitive goals of equal perceived importance. They have trouble deciding which goals to give priority to. The result is that they may have trouble allocating resources.

*snrk* ask Patrick (zibblsnrt) about my packing style...

Anarchic Style

People with an anarchic style tend to be motivated by a wide assortment of needs and goals that are often difficult for others, as well as for themselves, to sort out. They tend to be not so much asystematic as antisystematic.

This is where the chaos comes in. I really work in a chaotic, near the edge way, which doesn't do me a whole lot of good, and I tend to work in my head. Not good traits for that person that has to have it just so, and I've frightened neat freaks by the chaos I tend to engender. But I can't imagine being neat. The chaos somehow gets me to focus and get things done. Most of the time. Again, ask Patrick about my packing style...

Global: 5.8:Very High
Local: 3.8:Low Middle

Global Style

Global people prefer to deal with relatively larger and often abstract issues. They tend to focus on the forest, sometimes at the expense of the trees. Their constant challenge is to stay grounded and not to get lost on cloud nine.

Yep. Idealist to the core...

Internal: 4.9:High Middle
External: 4.8:Low Middle

Internal Style

People with an internal style tend to be motivated, task-oriented, sometimes aloof, and socially less sensitive than other people. At times they also lack interpersonal awareness, if only because they do not focus on it.

External Style
People with an external style, in contrast, tend to be more extroverted, people-oriented, outgoing, socially more sensitive, and interpersonally more aware.

Some folks might find this shocking that I came so close in introvert and extrovert. But of all four areas on the Myers-Briggs, the one that tends to bounce is the extrovert-introvert scale. I can work with people, but I also can work alone.

Liberal: 6.1:High
Conservative: 2.9:Low

Liberal Style

Individuals with a liberal style like to go beyond existing rules and procedures and seek to maximize change. They also seek or are at least comfortable with ambiguous situations, and prefer some degree of unfamiliarity in life and work.

I'm liberal politically, too... %) but yah, this works well, marching boldly into the future and stuff...

Anything that doesn't fit? What do you guys think?

take it here: Sternberg-Wagner Inventory

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