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rms, information flow, copyright, and randomness...

We got the wrong metaphor. Information is not like a superhighway, and yet it is. Information is about flow. Flow implies liquid. Like a river running to the sea. infodeluge, anyone? We ain't putting it back, not that easily.

Went to see Richard Stallman talk tonight. It really was an interesting talk, he's got some interesting views on copyright that I need to think about for a while. They're close to my own views, but not quite. One of the interesting things he mentioned was that copyright was an industrial technique. Before there was printing presses, there was no copyright. And I found it interesting.

I also found his solution to the problem interesting too. That is, divide works up into three forms, functional (software, recipies, dictionaries, reference books, textbooks), "works that stand for something else" (essays, memiors, the like), and entertainment (novels, movies, etc.) It's not perfect, but it's a different way of thinking about the problem, and I have to admire the guy for stepping back and thinking outside the lines.

Yes. This will require more thinking and some reading. I bought his new book of essays, and it's next on my reading list after Cluetrain Manifesto and school reading.

Speaking of Cluetrain Manifesto, I found this point rather cool:

88. We have better things to do than worry about whether you'll change in time to get our business. Business is only a part of our lives. It seems to be all of yours. Think about it: who needs whom?

That amused me.

Anyway, bed, I have database homework to do tomorrow.

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