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The weekend so far...

I should sleep.

but I wanted to get the highlights of my weekend down before I forgot.

Friday: Caltrain ride, time with Susie, driving in South Bay, movie night

I like riding Caltrain. It's one of the most relaxing forms of public transit I know, and I always just get in this semi-relaxed state riding. It's fun, and comfortable. So I like the occassional trip into the South Bay, for Caltrain, and I'm sorry they're not running on the weekend at the moment (although I know they plan to make Caltrain better, and can stand the discomfort, but...)

So I went to visit with Susie, who seems to be doing fine, and she loves college, so that's good. Then we went to a friend of hers, but to do this, we had to drive. The last time I drove in the Bay Area, things ended in disaster. Ironically, Susie was my passenger that time, it was a rainy night in February, I'm not at all familiar with the South Bay, and I ended up losing my car when an SUV slammed into it at a good 40 mph at least. (Luckily, beyond a horribly badly sprained knee, nobody was injured, and the pain and suffering money I got from the other insurance company subsidised a trip to Halifax, but I'm getting off on a tangent here...) With all these facts in my head about the last time, it made this trip a semi-nervewracking trip.

But now I've driven in the South Bay without maiming either myself, my passenger, or the car I was entrusted with, and that sorta makes me happy. Anyway, we went over to a friend of hers and watched a couple movies. LA Confidential and Rocky Horror Picture Show, both of which I confess to having never seen before, but both of which were pretty good. (Although the latter is pretty twisted, and fairly risqué for the 1970s, in my opinion...)

Then it was back to Susie's house, which ended with her getting tired, and me attempting to get to sleep on a couch that's shorter than I am. So I spent most of the night, rolling and trying to get comfortable. Susie, on the floor, slept like the dead. Then it was up and off to the Palo Alto Caltrain station to catch the bus back into San Francisco.

Saturday: the RRX, flugtag, crowd phobias, hanging with Luns, Jackie Chan, and home again

The system they have for running between Caltrain stops sucks. Especially at Palo Alto. You see, even though Samtrans is running the RRX as a replacement for Caltrain while they're working on the system, it's not perfect. So, you have to buy a Caltrain ticket at the station, walk a ways to the stop (and it's not close enough that you can buy a ticket and catch the bus), and it's horribly marked. Luckily I found it, though, and was on my way back to SF in no time flat.

Luns calls while I'm at Bayshore, but due to bad cell phone connections, he completely misunderstands me and thinks I'm still in the South Bay. I tell him to go ahead and go to Flugtag. This was sorta a mistake, because twenty thousand other San Franciscans had the same idea, and I have some crowd phobias. I start freaking if I have to manuver through crowds that are too big. I'm not sure why this is, it's just the air traffic controller in my head throws up its hands in frustration at too many things in the airspace, that's the best way I can explain it.

I got there at just after one, and try calling Luns to corrolate where he's at with where I'm at, only to have even more cruddy cell phone reception, so finally we endeavour to watch Flugtag seperately.

Flugtag was kinda cool. The name comes from the German for "flying day", and it's a big thing over in Europe apperantly. This was the first time they'd had one in the US, though. Basically, they launched flying contraptions off this ramp 30 feet above the Bay. The Bay is roughly 58° F (about 14.4° C, for those of you in what Luns likes to call "the civilized countries.") Most of the time, these flying contraptions failed to live up to the first part of their name, and crashed rather dramatically into the brimey deeps. It's a fun competition, if I knew more about aerodynamics than I do, I'd be tempted to enter.

After that was over, I found Luns, and we met up. We then ended up hiking through San Francisco to get to the Metreon. In doing so, I found these two things that amused me greatly.

de boom!
statues kicking ass

The image on the left is a funny road name (and as Luns pointed out, it's the 000 block of De Boom, or De Boom is what happens when the timer reads zero.) The image on the right is outside Moscone Center, and the first time I came upon them, I really thought the statues were beating up on one another. (Apperantly, they're supposed to be dancing. I'd really like to try to get another pic of them at a different angle.)

So we hung around the Metreon, and then decided to buy tickets to go see The Tuxedo. That's a really funny movie, not just for Jackie Chan, but for everything in it. The plot doesn't make sense in places, but then again, it's really not supposed to. And Luns had fun picking out all the places in the movie that he'd seen before. (Luns being a Toronto boy, and a good portion of the movie having been shot in Toronto...)

The only thing that sucked is walking into the theater with the Giants up 4-0 and with but three innings left to play, and walking back out with the Giants having lost 6-5. Grr. Oh well, game 7's tomorrow. And Cal lost too. :P

Anyway, that's pretty much it. Bed for me now.

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