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long, long day...

It's five AM. I need to quit fucking around and get to bed earlier, this isn't gonna work when I disappear down south. It was just a long and quite drawn out emotional day. And that's not something I expected today.

I tumbled out of bed at one this afternoon, didn't do much. Showed up in study group chat and got congratualated for passing the exam, woo. Then went to the store with Jill, and nothing exciting happened. Pulled a foxtail stuck in my kittycat's mouth, and she was surprisingly patient about the whole thing even though it was obviously painful for her to have it pulled out.

And then dad got home. Guess mom's really upset about some things Jill's been saying. And he tries to talk to her about it, one thing leads to another...and people end up screaming and yelling at each other. Oh well, stress is interesting.

anyway, I should sleep now. G'night.

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