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Friends survey

This looks like fun...

Friend(s) that knows me the best: Definitely zibblsnrt, followed by tanesmuti and jrenken. To a lesser extent, shadur and whitestar2.

Friend I have known the longest: jillcaligirl, my little sister, who has had to deal with me since she popped into this world twenty years ago. Otherwise, it would be the #tjab/#spork gang, who is pretty much too numerous to mention.

Friends I have met in person: Ack, long one. From Jihaddicon 2k: jrenken, shadur, mrfnord, whitestar2 (whom I'd met prior, but she was there...), phenyx, (lesse, rob's not on my friends list, Aris doesn't have an lj...), oh yeah, mauvelous. I think that's everybody from there. From the Halifax trip this last summer: zibblsnrt, fearghaill, yushion, ratbert. Random Callahanians: rosefox, mactavish, kshandra, gridlore, dafydd, and gdmusumeci. And jillcaligirl, whom I've lived with for what seems like forever...

Friend I would most like to meet in person: tanesmuti, most defintely. tropism and kuangning, though, for obvious reasons, not at the same time... ;) nekoneko, 'cause she just seems cool. zorbathut, jtwilson, killjoy_, galith and loopychew, 'cause they all seem like they'd be cool to hang with. millenia, 'cause I suspect Todd's a lot like me (beyond the being born nine days apart thing...). lirazel, 'cause she was cool enough to volunteer her place in Boston if I needed a place to crash on the way to and from Halifax, sight unseen. And well, most everybody else on my friends list.

Friend that makes me laugh the most from their posts: Hmmm. That's a hard one. It's not exactly laugh, but cjdoyle and wiredferret consistently leave with a smile on my face. maruchan oft says some pretty funny things too. tropism is all for sublime and surreal. dewhitton just seems to have crazy adventures. But there's nobody I read consistently for *laughs*...

Friend I wish posted more: joii, strangely enough. I like her odd ways of thinking. kuangning, again for sheer thoughfulness. shadur and jrenken, just because I know they've got more to say than they've been posting...

Friend I think is most like me: zibblsnrt, no question about it. Even the LJchecker agrees (actually, I think it's got patster on top, but since that's mine and zibblsnrt's combined journal, and I pulled that interest list off doesn't count, and anyway, zibblsnrt is second.) But anyway, Zibb and I have joked that if we were any more alike, we'd be the same person, so...

Last person I added as a friend: idiotwind, for the Dylan userpics and the cool thoughs.

Friend that introduced me to LJ: Slashdot. No, seriously. Person who got me posting, though? That was tanesmuti.

Friend I most want to get to know better: would it be cheating if I said zibblsnrt? Yeah, prolly millenia and mrfnord.

Friend that offers me the most encouragement: zibblsnrt, most definitely. He's the one that gets to talk me down from the edge of buildings and cliffs most often, and has been extraordinarily patient about it. kuangning, tanesmuti, jrenken, shadur, and whitestar2 all get honorable mention.

Person I read that is not on my friends list: rbos, mainly because he doesn't want me adding him to my friends list. I peek in on mikz's journal occasionally too, and I look at my friendsfriends page semi-religiously.

Based on the # of people your friends list follow the chart below...

* *you have 1-5 people on your friends list - Say something nice about the 3rd person.
* *you have 6-20 people on your friends list- Say something nice about the 11th person.
* *you have 21-75 people in your friends list - Say something nice about the 21st person.
* *you have 75+ people on your friends list - Say something nice about the 50th person.

Depends on how I count. If we count with communities, we get flaim, who is one of the Callahanians. I don't know him very well, but he seems like a good guy, and I supplied the code to get his LJ.

Without communities: Whoa, that's joii, if I counted right. Which I'm not sure I did, there's too many people on my friends list to count. But anyway, Joii and I have had our differences, but when it comes down to it, she's a sensitive soul and a great writer, and she's got an interesting way of looking at the world, and I really appreciate it.

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