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never start messaging a bored geek with this opening question.

[02:53] weez_two_pimps: Want my cock in you?

[02:53] kjatster: why would I want your rooster in me? Hens make better eating.
[02:56] weez_two_pimps: Hi
[02:56] kjatster: Hi.
[02:56] weez_two_pimps: How are you doin?
[02:56] kjatster: Alright.
[02:56] weez_two_pimps: Cool, Hey do you have any pics?
[02:57] weez_two_pimps: I have a few...but they are kind
[02:57] kjatster: well, I was about to go to bed.
[02:57] weez_two_pimps: Hehe, Well you dont want to stay up?
[02:57] kjatster: I have class in the morning.
[02:58] kjatster: So, while I appreciate your offer of the chicken, it's entirely too late...
[02:58] weez_two_pimps: So you dont want to just look at one pic of me and some friends?
[02:58] weez_two_pimps: how about your pic???
[02:58] kjatster: naw, not really.
[02:59] kjatster: for a chicken farmer, you sure are pushy.
[02:59] weez_two_pimps: lol...huh? Chicken Farmer?
[02:59] weez_two_pimps: ll
[03:00] kjatster: well, yeah, what else am I supposed to make of your kind offer to give me your rooster?
[03:01] weez_two_pimps: lol...say yeah, I want no strings attatched fun, whenever its wanted...
[03:01] weez_two_pimps: lol...
[03:01] kjatster: you can have fun with chickens? Wow, that's an odd farm you run.
[03:02] kjatster: Unless your idea of fun is chasing them around...but still, not my cup of tea.
[03:02] weez_two_pimps: lol
[03:02] weez_two_pimps: not really..
[03:03] kjatster: then I don't want to know what you're doing to those poor chickens on your farm.
[03:03] weez_two_pimps: Well, Let me tell you it is so intense. I bet you would like a nice hard one in your from behind with my stomach against your back and my bicep around your neck...
[03:03] weez_two_pimps: do me a favor...
[03:04] kjatster: Wow, you're a real odd one, mr chicken farmer. I mean, I don't want to know what you're doing to get stone chickens. I don't think the market will go for them.
[03:05] weez_two_pimps: Are you trying to act like you dont get hot n horny
[03:05] weez_two_pimps: Take a look at my profile...
[03:05] kjatster: There's goats on your farm too?
[03:06] kjatster: Or are you in Hell? that's hot, and devils tend to have horns...
[03:06] weez_two_pimps: Yeah I can tie you to my bed and eat your pussy too...
[03:06] weez_two_pimps: as you squirm and scream
[03:07] kjatster: But I like my cat.
[03:07] kjatster: eating my cat is not a good way to get on my good side.
[03:08] weez_two_pimps: how about rubbing your back door with my tongue? Will that do it?
[03:08] kjatster: Well, no, doing that sort of thing gets you locked up in the looney bin around here.
[03:08] weez_two_pimps: I bet that you would go along with it to...So you would be their with me baby...
[03:09] kjatster: That sort of thing is child abuse.
[03:10] weez_two_pimps: You would be so horny and wet that you wouldnt mind getting my tongue and fingers in your anus...
[03:12] kjatster: But I told you, I don't have horns, and it isn't raining.
[03:12] weez_two_pimps: I'll just spit on it, it will be enough to slide right my ballz...'
[03:13] kjatster: oh. You want to play baseball. Well, why didn't you say so in the first place?
[03:13] weez_two_pimps: Because then you wouldnt have let me slide my bat into your box and wiggle it fast...
[03:13] weez_two_pimps: if you didnt like this you would be gone...
[03:14] kjatster: Well, no, I'm just trying to figure you out. First you offer me your chicken, and then you talk about being in hell, and then you want to lick the door, and now you want to play baseball. Will you make up your damn mind?
[03:15] kjatster: 'cause if you're playing baseball, you just struck out, dude.
[03:15] weez_two_pimps: I am playin face-ball...
[03:16] kjatster: never heard of that game. is it like cricket?
[03:16] weez_two_pimps: yeah its where you slide my manhood into your mouth and lick it...
[03:18] kjatster: no, no, no. Cricket's not like that. You've got it all wrong. You were better off with the chickens.
[03:18] weez_two_pimps: lol...You knwo you want me to stick you...
[03:19] kjatster: I'd prefer you not poke me with sticks. I mean, that's not nice.
[03:19] kjatster: didn't your mother teach you any manners?
[03:20] weez_two_pimps: no...
[03:20] weez_two_pimps: you can
[03:20] kjatster: I don't think they'd do any good.

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