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You'ra very good/Driving against Traffic

What a shock, it's five am again.

Anyway, I've been up all night playing Mario Kart for the N64. It's a coolass game, if you're the sort who likes racing with vidgame characters. And it's niftykeen 'cause when you beat all the standard tracks on the hardest setting, you get a rendition of the credits and a "You'ra very good" from Mario. And then when you boot up the game for the first time after that, you get to fiddle on the secret tracks, which are reversed from normal. So on Toad's Turnpike, you're not driving with traffic, you're driving against traffic. That ranks as one of the most difficult levels on normal, reversed it's really difficult.

The problem from last night is getting resolved. The bad part of the deal is that it caused so much stress with mom that she has to stay in the hospital for longer now. And Jill is prolly depressed, whee.

Things to do tomorrow: turn in financial aid forms, do some laundry, order tickets, clean up room, and work some on the history Mal's been nagging me about.

But sleep first, I think.

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